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1.     FANUC_DRIVE_AC_CSERIES- SVU/SVUC A06B-6089-H***/A06B-6090-H***/ C series A06B-6066-H***

2.     FANUC_DRIVE_AC_SVMSERIES - A06B-6079-H****/A06B-6080-H****/6085/6096/6097

3.     FANUC_DRIVE_ALPHA_PSM - PSM, PSMR, PSM-HV, PSMV-HV A06b-6077, 6081; 6083; 6091; 6098

4.     FANUC_DRIVE_ALPHA_I_PSM - i PSM PSMHV PSMR, A06B-6110,6115,6120 

5.     FANUC_DRIVE_AC_I_SVMSERIES - i PSM PSMHV PSMR -A06B-6110,6115,6120

6.     FANUC_DRIVE_AC_S_L_SERIES -  A06b-6057; A06b-6058.

7.     FANUC_DRIVE_AC_ANALOG - A06b-6050

8.    FANUC SPINDLE AC SERIAL - A06B-6062; 6063;6064

9.    FANUC SPINDLE AC SPM - A06B - 6078; 6088; 6087; 6082; 6092

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The following knowledgebase will be available soon


Fanuc      Spindle      ALPHA I SPM

Fanuc      Control      16 I A

Fanuc      Control      18 I A

Fanuc      Control      20 I A

Fanuc      Control      21 I A

Fanuc      Control      16 I B

Fanuc      Control      18 I B

Fanuc      Control      21 I B

Fanuc      Control      16 A

Fanuc      Control      18 A

Fanuc      Control      160 A

Fanuc      Control      180 A

Fanuc      Control      16 B

Fanuc      Control      18 B

Siemens    Drive      610 SC

Siemens    Drive      611 A

Siemens    Drive      611


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