DrMachines story
Why do we write  about what we know and
kick ourselves out of work? 


 After working 35 years  of 14 hour days, people still want you to change their oil. People think you change the oil the best. When am I supposed to graduate from changing oil?

Problem: When your 1200 customers are sending you email, text and a phone call, who do you say no to. The more you know, the more you end up pissing people off, because you can not get to them. When you get to the machine after a month, people tried every quack medicine and it takes me 4 times more to fix a machine. You are behind more. More people wait. There is no way around it except cloning yourself. Unfortunately cloning is banned.

Free solution: The only solution is to put everything you know in a piece of paper and let people do it on their own. Found out it is being more dangerous. Piss more people off.

Metered solution: Found out I have to give it to the person carefully and slowly and ask for money so that you limit the people. Spent a few million dollars over 5 times to make this information useful and give it in a way it is safe and sound.

We have worked on every possible machine and process. Auto makers to every jet engine makers to 16 axes machines  to multiple robots hanging upside down like monkeys, painting shuttle bases to hair cutting blades to lawn mower blades to medical equipment makers to programming Steinway piano to things we cant talk about.

I came from a village where we learnt how to farm from anyone and every one. There is no secret or patent. If you have a disease striking your rice crops, you better share that knowledge with everyone or else everyone is going to go hungry.  Knowledge is for everyone to have. Knowledge is not the cost, but putting the knowledge down is the cost. It is time to pay the old guys to sit down and crank their knowledge and pay them fair wages, and build them a retirement, instead of fear of loosing the job. Changing the oil for 2000 th time does not get the old man into Guinness record.

Knowledge base is not a one day product. You have to be patient and work on it every day to make it better. You have to build on top of it again and again. Knowledgebase is not a Google map. Close enough is not good enough. I am not promising you you will find every solution. Every solution is there. But the path to the solution is being drawn again and again to make it easy to get there. So hang in there and be patient, we will make CNC troubleshooting easy. If you believe in building knowledge for the future generations, you are at the right place.

I will fix any problem you have, guaranteed. But it will cost you 7,500/- for me to walk into your place. So what ever subscription you pay to get some knowledge is peanuts. I guarantee that:-) The story of knowledgebase is the love of labor I started 35 years ago building on Dbase 2 on apple computer with no hard drive and 2 disk drives. Nothing has changed. The pipeline and devices have changed. Today we have no time to build one because the experts are busy. They don't have time to teach the next generation. The only way out of this knowledge CRUNCH is that we create a medium and pool the knowledge for everyone.  Creating that ecosystem costs a lot of money and it is changing by the minute. Yes this business is a dream. If I make money on this I will be sure enough to let you know by changing the Bentley to Rolls. If I have to go by the history of the last 4 attempts, It is going to be a labor of love. Google and Apple will become richer because of me. I will be writing a story why you can't make money creating knowledge or sixth time is the charm.

Have come a long way from milking cows, playing with a cobra and climbing coconut tree to writing a knowledgebase in America. Who said it is not possible?


1989 - Knowledgebase on a dbase II

1997: Redesign on Excel

1999: Redesign on Access

2000: Web based DOTNET - IMTS Palm pilot delivery

2001: Hitachi Seiki Vs40, 50 and 60 machines knowledgebase implementation.

2002: Single user Desktop version

2003 Multi user Desktop Version

2004 Server version

2005 Full Web Version

2008 Case base integration

2009 Knowledge Sharing of expert integration

2016 Android

2022 Apple and Android version