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Want to train on our platform for your company.
Want us to do one or more product for you in our platform ( Example Fanuc 30I or Siemens 840D)
Want just our platform with tools and your own data (Ex - Your company has multiple machines)
Want to have your own domain with our data on the cloud. Ex-
Experts on anything (Example: Okamoto, Junker,  Mazak, siemens, Okuma, Haas)
Wanting to partner with us on our platform and sell your own data. Set your price.
Write your knowledge and we serve your knowledge and you reap the benefits for ever.

Different Industries

Any industry like, lawn mower, refrigerator, cooking range, HVAC - Any industry can use our tool to create your own.

When troubleshooting ends, parts sales start. Do you want to list your part by opening your data base to us.

Contact us: ; Main pH: 937 427 5847